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Platypus to return to the Royal National Park

There are many things best left in the 70’s like flared pants, mirror balls and sideburns.

Better Futures Forum

Minister Kean addresses the Better Futures Forum and the Climate Action Network Australia on August 17th.

7.30 Report, 11th August

Matt appears on the 7.30 Report to discuss a 'new brand of politics' to tackle climate change


Shark Bay Bandicoots

Today, we're proud to announce that for the first time in more than a century, Shark Bay bandicoots are back in the wild in NSW.

70th Anniversary of the Muogamarra Rural Fire Brigade

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Energy and Environment) (19:39): I celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Muogamarra Rural Fire Brigade....

EV Revolution

We’re putting NSW in pole position for the EV Revolution. Today, I joined @dom.perrottet and @begamp to launch our nation-leading Electric Vehicle...

2021 NSW Budget

Here's my take on this year's NSW budget and it's impact on Energy and Environment in NSW.


Upgrades to Mark Taylor Oval

The transformation of Mark Taylor Oval will begin later this year giving our local cricket and rugby players the best possible facilities to...

$356 million to tackle plastics and waste

We can’t keep sending our scraps to languish in landfill when there are huge opportunities to turn our trash into treasure.

New iconic walks to showcase State's extraordinary National Parks

Today, I joined Dom Perrottet MP and Lee Evans MP to announce $80 million for 2 new iconic walks in NSW national parks.

Matt Kean's 10th Anniversary as Member for Hornsby

Being elected to serve my community has been the greatest honour of my life. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey.

Luna Park Ghost Train Fire

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Energy and Environment) (18:18): I speak today on a matter of justice.