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News Laws to Empower Consumers Against Faulty Products
11 October 2018

New laws to be introduced to stop companies trying to gag customers from publicising information about dangerous or faulty products.

Changes to tradie licenses
06 October 2018

The NSW Government says changes in licensing for small dealers and repairers will save the industry $175m over the next decade and also save...

Illegal Underquoting in Sydney by Dodgy Real Estate Agents
05 October 2018

Warning for home-buyers, 10 News revealed that underquoting is still happening in Sydney despite it being made illegal in 2016.

Dodgy Developers
02 October 2018

Dodgy developers and certifiers have been put on notice with new regulations to better protect those who buy off the plan.

Petrol Prices Hit Four-Year High
15 September 2018

7 News says that some Sydney drivers now pay over $1.60 per litre to fill up.

Sydney Council Failing to Check Dangerous Cladding
07 September 2018

The NSW State Government says Sydney Council are putting lives at risk by failing to check dodgy building materials.

New Escape Plan for High-Rise Buildings
06 September 2018

Sydney fire-fighters developed new escape plans for residents living in high-rise towers.

Highly Flammable Cladding
05 September 2018

It's the dangerous material that can bring down a sky scraper in minutes.

Petrol Prices
29 August 2018

Making sense of petrol prices can be a headache.

Hornsby Hospital Stage 2 Redevelopment
21 August 2018

Take a look at the Stage 2 redevelopment for Hornsby Hospital. 

Minister Kean takes a question in Question Time
15 August 2018

Mr MICHAEL JOHNSEN (Upper Hunter) (15:11): My question is addressed to the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation.

Good Luck to the Berowra Firecrackers
14 August 2018

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (13:42): I pay tribute to four amazing Berowra Heights mums who are competing...