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New Escape Plan for High-Rise Buildings

Sydney fire-fighters developed new escape plans for residents living in high-rise towers.

Highly Flammable Cladding

It's the dangerous material that can bring down a sky scraper in minutes.

Petrol Prices

Making sense of petrol prices can be a headache.

Hornsby Hospital Stage 2 Redevelopment

Take a look at the Stage 2 redevelopment for Hornsby Hospital. 

Minister Kean takes a question in Question Time

Mr MICHAEL JOHNSEN (Upper Hunter) (15:11): My question is addressed to the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation.

Good Luck to the Berowra Firecrackers

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (13:42): I pay tribute to four amazing Berowra Heights mums who are competing...

Rescuing Isla

Isla was about to lose her home until RSL Life Care and NSW Fair Trading stepped in. 

Hills District Netball Association


Cosmetic crackdown

Fair Trading is demanding better regulation of the cosmetic industry following a dramatic increase in complaints about dodgy doctors and botched...

Funeral home rip offs

Stop taking advantage of grieving families is the message to funeral homes from the State Government today. 

Stage 2 Redevelopment of Hornsby Hospital

Patients in Hornsby Hospital have been neglected for years but now thanks to a multi-million redevelopment will transform the hospital. 

Warning over makeup products

There is a serious health warning over makeup products with an imported eyeliner pulled from shelves after three children became unwell.