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Lucas Hunter

09 May 2019

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Energy and Environment) (15:54):Today I wish to acknowledge a young Scout who has achieved his Grey Wolf Award. Lucas Hunter of Hornsby Heights 1st Scouts has worked extremely hard to receive this award—one of the highest a Cub Scout can achieve. The work that goes into receiving the Grey Wolf Award is extensive, but Lucas went above and beyond this. He was required to complete four level 2 badges and instead he completed nine that included first aid, swimming, gardening, canoeing and athletics—absolutely brilliant! He also completed specialist badges in local history and world Scout environment, a service badge and a leadership course. Late last year Lucas led a two-hour hike and completed his Gold Boomerang to meet all the award requirements. I take this opportunity to congratulate Lucas on his success in achieving this award. I know that Lucas is doing his Hornsby Heights 1st Scouts extremely proud. He is a great credit to his wonderful parents, Gavin and Sally. I cannot wait to see his star continue to rise—even if he did cover me in flour at the recent Easter camp for Benowie. Congratulations, Lucas. I am so proud of all your many fine achievements.