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Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean MP
29 January 2018

More than 100 homes, some in Sydney have been acquired by the government and condemned for demolition having been found to contain loose-fill...

Campaign for use of side by side vehicles
29 December 2017

An ad campaign has been launched which shows the benefit of side by sides.

150kg of fireworks found in Sydney home
28 December 2017

Inspectors have discovered 150kg of fireworks in a home in Sydney's north after a tip off to SafeWork NSW.

Shoppers are being warned to pay attention to refund policies
26 December 2017

Australian's will spend billions in the Boxing day sales and it is important you know your rights.

SafeWork crack down on gas cylinders in restaurants
23 December 2017

A gas cylinder blast in a Lismore cafeteria kitchen has left Scott Jones burns to more than half of his body.

How to save money at the bowser
22 December 2017

Christmas is one of the busiest on NSW roads and the State Government is not only trying to make it safer but also cheaper.

Minister Kean tells you what you need to know about Christmas refunds
19 December 2017

Christmas is a time of giving but what happens when a gift is unsuitable or faulty?

Minister Kean warns against the dangers of quad bikes
19 December 2017

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean MP has warned of the dangerous of using quad bikes.

Dodgy Christmas decorations
13 December 2017

Fair Trading has been inspecting stores for dangerous Christmas decorations that could set your house alight.

Warning for home buyers
09 December 2017

A warning for prospective homebuyers - always read the fine print.

Pre-Christmas blitz on unsafe toys
08 December 2017

Department of Fair Trading have seized potentially deadly toys in a pre-Christmas blitz on more than 1,000 retailers in Sydney.

Minister Kean warns against dangerous toys this Christmas
08 December 2017

The NSW State Government is getting the most dangerous toys off the streets.