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Sean Mcallister

06 August 2019

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Energy and Environment) (20:36): I have always had a love of cricket and I was pleased to see Sean McAllister of Westleigh named a community champion by Cricket Australia. Sean is just 15 years old and is not only playing cricket but also coaching a number of teams, including the first ever girls team for the Thornleigh Cricket Club. It started when his sister, Maeve, who was 10 at the time, desperately wanted to play cricket but could not find a team to play with. With the help of their mum, Veryan—an amazing woman—they put together the first all-girls cricket team for Thornleigh. Twelve-year-old Sean stepped up and offered to coach the team when no parents would do it. He even used his pocket money to buy his sister a bat—what a good brother! Three years on, the Thornleigh Cricket Club now has two female teams and Sean is still coaching. He coaches the Thornleigh Woolworths Cricket Blast junior team, and is assistant coach of the Pennant Hills High School girls team and the Northern District Cricket Club's under-15 girls Brewer Shield squad. I thank Sean for passing on his love of cricket to future girl stars of the game. I look forward to watching his star continue to rise.