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Jasmine Truskett-Jones

22 August 2019

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Energy and Environment) (18:39):I pay tribute to an absolute champion rugby player Jasmine Truskett-Jones. Jasmine is only nine years old but has racked up 100 games for the Hornsby Lions Junior Rugby Club.She started at just four years old and has been playing with the boys but this season has been able to play with both her old team and the under-11 all girls team. Jasmine joined the club that her brothers play for after watching them having so much fun on the field. She loves to tackle and score tries, especially, her mum tells me, when it is muddy. Jasmine hopes that more girls will consider taking her lead and join the Hornsby Lions. Jasmine celebrated the 100 game milestone with a guard of honour from the clubs senior women's team the Nalas. She is the first girl to reach the milestone and I know her mum, Karen, and her dad, Tristen, who are amazing people, are exceptionally proud of her fine achievements. I am certain this is not the last time we hear about Jasmine. In fact, I am confident we will hear Jasmine Truskett-Jones called in the Wallaroos squad in a few years' time.