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Retirement village residents across NSW will save thousands of dollars and be able to transition into aged care more easily under new laws that...

'Biggest shake-up in building laws in our state's history' follows Opal Tower debacle

A “Building Commissioner” will have responsibility for auditing people who work in the industry, the NSW government says in its long-awaited...

'One less problem': Domestic violence victims protected by rental law

Rental reforms allowing victims of domestic violence to immediately break their lease have been welcomed as "one less problem" for women looking...


Tenants trapped in violent relationships will be protected by new renting reforms, which come into effect on 28 February 2019.

Death in water tank sparks warning to bosses

THE death of a man repairing a water tank at Dyraaba last August is one of several tragedies in NSW last year that sparked a warning about the...

Sydney's Opal Tower 'structurally sound'

An engineering firm investigating Sydney's cracked Opal Tower has found the building is "structurally sound overall" but the cause of the cracks...

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean MP

Labor’s major building reform package is in disarray within hours of being announced, with the Shadow Minister and Opposition Leader at odds over...

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean MP

An immediate audit of private building certifiers will be launched by the state government to ­ensure the safety of high-rise living.

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean MP

Three residents of the cracked Opal Tower building are refusing to vacate following calls from the builder and developer for them to leave.

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean MP

Despite the Christmas guilt you’re feeling after stuffing yourself with too much turkey, you might want to pause for thought before rushing to...


Member for Homsby Matt Kean MP joined CEOs from Clubs across Homsby to celebrate the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and thank them for...

Cindy Lu is Kean Christmas card winner!

Member for Hornsby Matt Kean MP announces Cindy Lu from Hornsby North as winner of his Christmas Card Competition!