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Sophia and Matt dancing gracefully...

Everyone is excited about the Sydney Metro link! This government is again proving it is the government that delivers for the people.

My inaugural speech from15th June 2011.

The crew down at Studio ARTES put together a song for me in October 2014. Their musical skill and talent is matched only by their warm hearts.

Checking out Hornsby's new pedestrian bridge.

Matt Kean MP speaking on Local Government Reform in the NSW Legislative Assembly on 20th October 2015.

The YMCA NSW Youth Parliament held its 2014 Training Camp in April and we were joined by Matt Kean, Member for Hornsby.

Matt talks about the tragedy of suicide in Australia and the need to find effective solutions.

Matt spoke about cyber bullying at the grand opening of 'Connected' the Musical.

Matt spoke about the importance of rugby league in the Northern Suburbs on 10 News.

Matt delivering a message for United Indian Associations (UIA) India Australia Friendship Fair 2012.