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Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (13:32): Today  I  recognise the wonderful work of Emma Spencer, a local clinical psychologist who is starting up her own free mental health program for teenagers in the Hornsby community called Youthflix. Youthflix is centred on the creation of a safe space for teenagers who are experiencing difficulties with mental health problems and making support networks out of the friends you make who understand your own struggles. The youth program involves watching a film that is relevant to a specific teen issue or mental health topic that acts as an icebreaker for the discussion of those themes and then later the discussion of how those issues resonate with oneself.

Emma launched this program after realising that there was a lack of youth groups that her own daughter could join to find support during a challenging time. As a clinical psychologist, Emma is well suited to the role as facilitator and her passion for helping others is amazing. Youthflix is such a brilliant idea that truly serves to support the youth in society and offer them the skills or knowledge they may need to implement changes in their lifestyles or to improve their own mental health. Showing the initiative and the sincere concern for the youth in the community who may feel disenfranchised with their own mental health related issues is exceptionally admirable. I thank Emma for her incredible work and I look forward to hearing more about Youthflix and success.

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