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Local Heroes Aid Stranger in Distress

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (16:33:06): I recognise the staff at Galston Village Pharmacy and Galston Newsagency who acted quickly to help Kristie Cavaleri who was having an anaphylactic shock to a prescribed antibiotic. Kylie Pace, who works at the Galston Newsagency, saw Kristie in the supermarket and noticed that she looked unwell. Kylie walked Kristie to the pharmacy and notified the staff of how unwell Kristie seemed. Following the realisation that Kristie was having an anaphylactic shock, the pharmacy staff acted quickly to administer an EpiPen until the ambulance arrived. The attentive and considerate nature of Kylie Pace from the newsagency and the immediate and fast-thinking help from the pharmacy staff is reflective of the kind and helpful spirit of the local community that I am proud to represent. I thank the staff and community members who helped during this emergency for their amazing assistance. I wish Kristie Calvaleri a speedy recovery.

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