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Leukaemia Foundation Fundraising

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (16:22:02): I am always pleased to hear about successful local fundraising stories. Today I draw attention to one of the local high schools in my area that recently pledged to support those with blood cancer. Asquith Boys High School raised a whopping $4,550 for the Leukaemia Foundation, with 20 students plus a couple of teachers who took the brave step of shaving their heads, in addition to a mufti day that encouraged gold coin donations. Notably, my good friend Sabar Attar the school captain, the head prefect Zoltan Snead, and Riley Gibson the vice-captain, led those other courageous students and sacrificed their hair, shaving it all off to support those who suffer from blood cancer. Amazingly, the vice-captain Riley Gibson was able to raise $1,200 by himself, showing admirable dedication to a good cause. I congratulate the school and those involved in the fundraiser on their incredible work. Creating awareness of such a horrible cancer among young people is something that should be highly praised, and to have raised such a significant amount is remarkable. I am proud that Asquith Boys High School is located in my electorate and I am proud of the work that it continues to do to support great causes.

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