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Upgrades for Thornleigh West Public School

Upgrades at Thornleigh West Public School

Thornleigh West Public School has benefitted from a range of funding to improve safety, upgrade facilities and purchase new equipment.

Member for Hornsby Matt Kean was thrilled to see the school was selected as part of the Metro School Renewal program.

“The program, part of the COVID recovery plan, will see Thornleigh West receive part of the funds to upgrade the bathrooms used by students,” Mr Kean said.

“Renovations such as bathrooms are expensive so this makes it easier for schools to get the job done so students have the best possible facilities at their school,” he said.

Thornleigh West was one of a number of schools in the Hornsby area to benefit from this funding with upgrades for halls, bathrooms and canteens.

Earlier in the year the school welcomed a crossing supervisor on Quarter Sessions Road to ensure the students are able to get to school safely each day. This is in addition to the current crossing supervisor on Duffy Avenue.

“This is about giving parents peace of mind that their children can arrive safely to school each day,” Mr Kean said.

Mr Kean was also pleased to announce the Thornleigh West P&C will receive $5,000 as part of the Community Building Partnership Program to replace the oven in the hall.

“This will enable teachers to be able to use the hall to teach cooking and will be a welcome addition for those community groups who hire the hall,” Mr Kean said.

Relieving Principal Mrs Julie Granville told me she was thrilled these upgrades have happened at the school.

"The students and community are grateful for the continued financial support and the improvements they are able to provide for our school.” Mrs Granville said.

“Across these three upgrade and successful grant areas particularly, improvements will have a positive impact on our school environment, improved community shared spaces and importantly support pedestrian safety in the local area. Our school leaders were proud to welcome Mr Kean back to Thornleigh West and took the opportunity to learn more about his role." she said.

Mr Kean spent the morning with the school leaders who showed him around the school and also asked him questions about local issues and why he went into politics.

“With COVID having many schools shut to visitors it is great to be able to get to visit schools again and speak with these fantastic young people who have a bright future ahead of them,” Mr Kean said.