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Sydney's Opal Tower 'structurally sound'

Sydney's Opal Tower 'structurally sound'

An engineering firm investigating Sydney's cracked Opal Tower has found the building is "structurally sound overall" but the cause of the cracks is still unknown.

WSP, one of the investigators being employed by the building company Icon, said on Monday investigators have accessed all key locations in the Sydney Olympic Park apartment tower and found the building is "structurally sound overall".

The building fiasco has put the NSW government under scrutiny with Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean on Sunday announcing a crackdown on "cowboy" certifiers to address the public's concern about the state's building certification process.

Under the new strategy, 30 per cent of the industry will be audited every year and corrupt certifiers or ones who are negligently signing off on unsafe buildings will be kicked out of the industry.

Any certifiers who have breached the code of conduct in the previous 12 months will also be unable to work on new strata developments.

The tower is now subject to an internal and governmental investigation.

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