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Climate change is the challenge that will define the 21ST century


It is a challenge that our children will face, and a challenge that our children’s children will face.

But, the challenge faced by our grandchildren will be defined by the actions we take here and now.

The reality is, taking action on climate change should not be about the cost to our economy, but rather, about the dividends from preserving our planet and setting our country up for the future. Australia, and NSW, in particular has enormous opportunities to grow our economy as the world decarbonises. We have some of the best renewable resources anywhere in the world.

As the world decarbonises, we are not just a sunburnt country, we are a sun-blessed country. Because the reality is that as the world moves to decarbonise, our low cost, clean electricity can be the foundation for our industry to win the 21st century. Of course, this is not just a renewable energy story, it is a story about the transformation our entire economy. It is going to require every household and small business to take advantage of every low cost, low carbon new technology that comes along. To put solar on their rooftops, heat pumps in their homes, and electric vehicles in their garages. We need to move beyond the politics of false facts, fear and prejudice to a new politics of hope, aspiration and confidence in the creativity, intelligence and determination that took us to the moon, and cured us from disease.

Australia should not be a climate laggard. We should be a climate leader because we can do what other countries can’t, because here in Australia we can protect our planet in ways that lift the living standards of all humanity.

We should take on this challenge and turn it into an opportunity, underwriting our prosperity, rebuilding our economy and remaking our politics. Read more here:

Appeared in The Bush Telegraph