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On Ya Bike! New Cycling Strategy Open for Consultation


The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is calling all cyclists to have their say on a draft cycling strategy so national parks can provide some of the best cycling experiences anywhere in the country.

Environment Minister Matt Kean said with more and more people taking to two wheels and with investment in NPWS visitor infrastructure at record levels, our Parks network will become must-do destinations for riders of all ages.

“We are in the middle of a bike boom and there is now no better place to jump on two wheels than in our National Parks, it’s a great way to experience and see our natural biodiversity first hand,” said Mr Kean.

“But the key is to make sure it’s sustainable and sensitive to the environment, we don’t want to see damage to our precious biodiversity and cultural heritage.

“Cyclists love the great outdoors and we want to work with them to incorporate their ideas on how to ‘tread’ lightly and move forward with this strategy.”

The NPWS is asking for feedback on a new cycling strategy that outlines how to balance the demand for a variety of cycling experiences with our responsibility to protect national parks’ natural and cultural values.

Not all cycling activities will be appropriate in all national parks, unauthorised tracks in parks can be dangerous and this draft strategy looks at how to manage illegal tracks to prevent further ecological or cultural damage.

As part of ongoing community consultation, NPWS is calling on cyclists, mountain biking associations and other interest groups to help shape the strategy and invites submissions before 30 January 2022 .

Community consultation sessions will also be run with key stakeholders over the coming weeks. To read the draft strategy and to make a submission visit HERE