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Consumers urged to snuggle safely this winter

Consumers urged to snuggle safely this winter

Consumers are being urged to snuggle safely in their winter woolies and carefully check their heating appliances as temperatures drop, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said.

Mr Kean said faulty electrical and gas heating appliances can lead to horrific injuries, and even fatalities.

“I’m urging all families to be careful with their heating appliances, and to check them before turning them on. If you’re pulling a heater out of storage, make sure the unit is free from dust, and the electrical cord isn’t frayed or damaged,” Mr Kean said.

“Most importantly, always supervise children around heaters, and never leave a heating appliance on when you go to sleep, or leave the house.”

NSW Fair Trading inspectors regularly check electrical and gas products to ensure they are safe and compliant at the time of sale.

Mr Kean said Fair Trading has also ramped up its inspections of online sales to try and reduce the number of dodgy products sold over the internet.

“Our inspectors do an incredible job, but they can’t visit every home in NSW. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and that’s why I’m urging consumers to be vigilant and help keep their families safe this winter,” Mr Kean said.

Further Fair Trading safety tips include:

·         Making sure appliances are certified before buying;

·         Turning off electrical or gas appliances when you leave home;

·         Ensuring electric heaters are free from dust, and cords and plugs are not damaged or frayed;

·         Checking that electric blankets have not been damaged in storage;

·         Regularly servicing gas heaters; and,

·         Supervising children around heaters.

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