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100 Day Action Plan

I move: That this House notes the Government's progress on its 100 Day Action Plan.

I am very pleased that this motion has been accorded priority because it is important that we detail to the community that we are acting on the plans that they asked us to implement during the election campaign.

We went to the election with a 100 Day Action Plan, and part of that plan was based on a five-point plan, which involved rebuilding the economy, returning quality services to our communities, renovating infrastructure, restoring accountability and protecting our local environment and communities. Upon the swearing-in of the Cabinet on Sunday 3 April 2011 the Premier announced the 100 Day Action Plan, and that will be completed by 12 July 2011.

The 100 Day Action Plan is the blueprint to start the change needed to make New South Wales number one again. For too long New South Wales has not been the premier State and it has lagged behind the other States and Territories. We have had the highest rates of tax of any State in the Commonwealth and we have had the slowest rate of economic growth over the past 16 years. We need to ensure that we implement the policies and settings to restore New South Wales as a place to do business again. The New South Wales Liberal-Nationals Government is the busiest government in Australia, delivering dozens of commitments and initiatives to make people's lives better. If we are not making people's lives better, why are we in politics at all?

The Government is left with the enormous task of turning around the damage done to New South Wales in 16 years of a Labor Government, particularly with the neglect and lack of action in relation to infrastructure. In my own community of Hornsby Labor promised to fix Hornsby Hospital, to build the North West Rail Link and to widen New Line Road. There are many examples of Labor's failure to deliver for the communities of New South Wales. My community in Hornsby is a microcosm of what is happening all across this State. That is why the O'Farrell Government was elected with a strong mandate at this election.

As I have stated, the 100 Day Action Plan delivers on commitments made during the election campaign based on our five-point plan. One of the 100 Day Action Plan commitments that has been delivered that benefits New South Wales, and which particularly benefits my community in Hornsby, is the passing of legislation to repeal the home buyer's tax to take effect from July 2011. That means that New South Wales families will save an average of $1,250 in costs when they buy a home. We all know that cost-of-living pressures are significant in New South Wales and across the country. This legislation will make a material difference to the working families of this State. I am a first home buyer and it will make a huge difference to me and many of my constituents.

The Government has also instructed Landcom to target the release of 10,000 housing blocks within four years. Members on this side of the House are determined to turn the dream of home ownership into a reality. A couple of years ago the then Federal Minister for Housing, the Hon. Tanya Plibersek, said that dealing with the housing affordability crisis was not rocket science or brain surgery. Why then has the Federal Government not done something about it? The O'Farrell Government is hard at work making things easier for first home buyers in New South Wales.

The Government has also introduced wonderful legislation designed to empower communities by giving them a say in the running of their local hospitals. It has established local health boards because it believes in restoring local decision-making to our State's health services. Community involvement will go a long way towards making my local hospital the hospital it should be. Last night in my inaugural speech I spoke about the challenges facing those dealing with mental health issues, and in particular suicide. I am very proud of the fact that the O'Farrell Government has moved quickly to establish a standalone mental health commission and that it will provide $2 million in recurrent funding for Lifeline over the term of this Parliament. Mental health is a very important issue and I am glad that the Premier and the Coalition team are doing something constructive to address it.

While speaking in the debate to establish the priority of my motion I pointed out that the O'Farrell Government is addressing the impact of cost-of-living pressures on New South Wales families by reducing the cost of transport, particularly train fares. Commuters from Berowra will each save $204 a year as a result of the changes made by the Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian. That is very exciting. That is real money being placed in commuters' pockets that they can use for other priorities and to alleviate other cost-of-living pressures. The Government has also moved to incorporate existing light rail services from Central to Lilyfield in the MyZone ticketing system from 27 June. That is a win for pensioners and families who will benefit because for the first time light rail services will be covered by pensioner excursion tickets and Family Funday Sunday tickets. The Government has also introduced tough legislation to address graffiti vandalism. I recently attended a graffiti action day and I am aware of its impact on our communities.

I am very proud to be a part of this Government's efforts to address that issue. The Government has also introduced legislation providing for the creation of Infrastructure NSW and it has appointed the board. Infrastructure has been a major problem in this State. We are choking on our own gridlock in Sydney such that it takes my constituents in Cherrybrook and Galston 90 minutes to get to the city each day. They need a viable public transport solution, and Infrastructure NSW will play a big part in delivering it. The Government is also starting work on planning and budgeting for the North West Rail Link and has established project teams to get it up and running. My constituents in Cherrybrook, Dural and Galston will be major beneficiaries of this initiative. This is about viable public transport solutions that are sorely needed not only in my community but also in Castle Hills, Baulkham Hills and many other areas of north-western Sydney.