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Tribute to Northholm Grammar 2017 HSC Students

14 March 2018

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (13:16): Today I congratulate the 2017 graduating class from Northholm Grammar for their fantastic Higher School Certificate [HSC] results. Northholm Grammar was ranked 87 on theSydney Morning Herald's list of top schools for New South Wales, which is a tremendous achievement. Over 45 per cent of students achieved at least one band 6; 76 per cent achieved at least one band 5; 18 per cent achieved an Australian tertiary admission rank [ATAR] of 90 or above; and 100 per cent of drama students achieved a band 6 result.

I make special mention of Carina Sirolli, who was on the All-round Achievers list for scoring 90 or above in at least 10 units. This meant she achieved an impressive ATAR of 99. Results like this are a testament not only to the work of the individual student but also to the dedication of both their parents and all the teachers at the school. I know Northholm Grammar will be proud of every student who worked so hard to achieve these impressive results. I can say for sure that the students in the Northholm Grammar graduating class of 2017 have a very bright future ahead of them. I wish them every success in their future endeavours.