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Tribute to David Claydon

15 February 2018

Mr MATT KEAN (Hornsby—Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation) (16:30): Today I pay tribute to Reverend David Claydon from Hornsby Heights. On Australia Day this year he was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the Anglican Church, interfaith relations and refugees. He has worked not only in Australia but also abroad, travelling to over 80 countries. His work for the human rights organisation has taken him to the Middle East and North Africa. He was the rector for St Matthew's, West Pennant Hills, from 1982 to 1987 before he was made Federal director of the Church Missionary Society. He is chair of many organisations and committees, including the Dealing with Diversity Conference, and is the author of several books. He is Canon Emeritus of St Andrew's Cathedral and Canon of All Saints Cathedral in Egypt. Both he and his wife, Robyn, have led a dedicated life of service. I have named only a few of his achievements today but I can assure all members of the House that he is deserving of this prestigious honour. I congratulate Reverend Claydon and thank him for all he has done both here in our community and abroad. He has made a huge difference.