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Tribute to Nicholas Lapsley

The majority of us do not have to think about when to get out of bed in the morning, put on our clothes and listen to the radio, but these are daily obstacles for 15-year-old Nicholas Lapsley. Nicholas was born with cerebral palsy and severe hearing loss but that has never stopped him from achieving incredible things in his life. Today I acknowledge Nicholas's incredible determination which has led him to take on the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and, in his own words, "keep trying my best at everything I attempt". The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is designed to help young people build skills to equip them for life. Many of these challenges are physically taxing, but they have not stopped Nicholas from participating in the Bronze Award in his determination to make the most out of life.

Through this award he has participated not only in swimming but also in water sports and ski camps. He has even experimented with making short films. The lessons learned through participating in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award are priceless. Nicholas remembers being nervous at first, but quickly gained confidence in himself through stepping out of his comfort zone. He is an astute reminder that those like him are capable of independence. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is one of six children's charities supported by NSW Kids in Need. Nicholas is nothing short of admirable as he continues to take on life's many challenges with gusto. I wish Nicholas all the best for his future. I look forward to watching this star continue to shine.

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