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Tribute to Dilip Chopra

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby ) ( 17:08 ): Today I pay tribute to a remarkable man, the late Dilip Chopra. Dilip was a friend of mine whose dedication to politics led him to becoming heavily involved in the New South Wales Liberal Party and in 2008 to being the first Indian councillor in the Hornsby shire. Dilip was born on 25 September 1942 in Delhi, India. Growing up in Allahabad, he completed a Masters in History at the University of Allahabad before assuming a position as a certified gemmologist in the family business. Dilip arrived in Australia in 1988 as a diamond merchant along with his children Vikram and Sonal, and his wife, the late Mrs Asha Chopra, where he became an integral part of the Australian-Indian dialogue in Hornsby. In 2008 Dilip was elected to Hornsby Shire Council. He also held many significant positions within the community, including Vice President of the United Indian Association, and executive member and founder of the Indian Seniors Group of Hornsby. Dilip passed on 20 October 2016 after a long battle with cancer. I pay tribute to his incredible legacy in the Hornsby community and thank him for his remarkable service and friendship.

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