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Tribute to Colin Manton

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby ) ( 16:27 ): In September, Mr Colin Manton of the Galston Rural Fire Brigade will be recognised for dedicating 40 years of his life to the Rural Fire Service as a member of the Galston Brigade. Mr Manton joined in 1975 and has had a colourful career. He has held a variety of roles, from president to community engagement officer to Rural Fire Service Association representative, and several field officer positions. In addition, Mr Manton was a member of the Hornsby Fire Control Centre from 1999 to 2002 where he held the role of group captain within the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai district. Mr Manton's lifetime of dedication makes him a worthy recipient of the Long Service Medal 3rd Clasp, though I doubt his service will stop here. Today, I would like to thank Mr Manton for all that he has done for our community and congratulate him on his award.

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