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Trapezium Gallery - Helen Trenerry

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby ) ( 16:29 ): By leave: When you are being showcased alongside some of the nation's best, it is safe to say that you may be one of the best. This year, Dural's Helen Trenerry was invited to showcase her photographs at the Trapezium Gallery in Kingswood. Helen was awarded five silver and one gold award from her eight images entered into the 2015 Australian Institute of Professional Photography NSW Epson Professional Photography Awards. A self-taught photographer, Helen initially started out with a pet photography business but has since been making waves in the wider industry. Photography is her lifeblood. Her parents were amateur photographers and her grandfather had his own darkroom. It is understandable that her passion grew, but with passion comes hard work. Helen completed, with distinctions, her Certificate IV and Diploma of Photo Imaging. In 2015, Helen was honoured by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography NSW as a finalist in the Emerging Photographer of the Year category. Her talent continues to be recognised in 2016 with three silver awards from the institute for pet/animal and illustrative photography. I do not believe this will be the last we hear of Helen's incredible talent and hard work. I applaud Helen's success and look forward to hearing about further awards in the future.

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