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Rhythmic Gymnast Tyla Petrie

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby ) ( 16:27 ): One would think being a national champion is the highest a person can go, but that is clearly not the case for Tyla Petrie—for whom the sky is not the limit but a starting point. Fourteen-year-old Tyla has been doing rhythmic gymnastics for the past eight years, and has placed first in an astounding amount of competitions during that time—the NSW Sports Management Committee Invitational Competition, the NSW Senior State Championships, and the Australian Gymnastics Championships in rope, hoop, ball, clubs and overall in level 9. Dani Le Ray, Tyla's coach and a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast, believes that Tyla is a key member of the Abbotsleigh senior squad. Although Tyla says that she was surprised to do well in this year's competitions, there is no doubt that her dedication and motivation to keep training have been the reasons behind her success.

Any athlete will assert that work ethic is just as important as one's love for the sport, and it is clear that Tyla's steadfast dedication not only has brought her substantial success this year but also will guarantee her incredible success well into the future. Tyla continues to display her talents and capability in gymnastics. I applaud her success so far and wish her all the best as she strives for gold. I hope that one day we will see her on our screens, representing Australia.

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