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Lauren Gallaway - Sydney to Gold Coast Yacht Race

Mr MATT KEAN ( Hornsby ) ( 16:13 ): Hornsby is home to some incredible athletes, and includes some who have even gone on to compete in the Olympics. Today, I want to talk about Lauren Gallaway who strongly believes that there is no such thing as too young when it comes to sailing. A student at Asquith Girls High, Lauren was the youngest sailor in seven years to compete in the Sydney to Gold Coast Yacht Race. The fleet started at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and finished 384 nautical miles north at the Southport Yacht Club in Queensland. Lauren raced Local Hero, a 36 foot long yacht, against Wild Oats XIand Balance, last year's Sydney to Hobart winner.

But sailing is no easy feat; Lauren's challenge was just as much a mental one as it was a physical one. She enjoys the thrill of the race, catching the big waves and sending her yacht towards the finish. One can only imagine what this adrenaline rush feels like. For Lauren, age and gender play no role in the race; sailing is a level playing field where the novices can compete with their heroes. However, if this is what Lauren is doing at 17, I can only imagine what she will achieve in the future. Lauren is an outstanding talent and the vice-captain of Asquith Girls High. I am sure members will hear a lot more about this impressive young woman and I look forward to watching her star continue to rise.

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