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Race on for new high school

Race is on for second High School in Hornsby

Matt Kean MP's announcement last week for investigations to start into a Co-ed High School for Hornsby came hot on the heels of Slate Government Labor Candidate hopeful Katie Gompertz' Petition for an additional high school for the Hornsby electorate.

Whilst Mr Kean has confirmed the NSW Stale Government wilt commence a feasibility study investigating the need for a new co-educational high school in the Homsby area, Ms Gompertz is busy collecting signatures, 800 as Bush Tele went to print, from eager parents seeking a more localised secondary education option for their children.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said that the study will be undertaken by School Infrastructure NSW."Parents already can choose from some of the best schools in the State but we want to make sure we can continue to meet the needs of our community in the future," Mr Kean said. 

Mr Stokes thanked the local member for his strong advocacy for this study, which will assess current and future secondary education needs in the Hornsby area.

The people of Hornsby have expressed a clear desire in wanting a new co-educational high school and we will now investigate if this is a viable option." Mr Stokes said.

The feasibility study will include the examination of demographic trends, population forecasts, new housing developments and urban release areas. It will also examine identifying potential sites in the local area.

"These investigations are for the possibility of a new co-educational high school only. Our existing high schoolsarenotunderreview.IttheGovernmentisre-electedIwillensureafullstudyisconductedinto building a new co-educational facility in our area". Mr Kean said.