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NSW Innovation minister labels Manly one of Australia’s next great technology hubs

Guiseppe Porcelli and Darren Younger Photo: Adam Yip

Manly has been hailed as one of Australia’s next great technology hubs by NSW Innovation Minister Matt Kean.

The statement followed a tour of Manly-based tech company Lakeba which is responsible for a robot and drone monitored supermarket shelf scanning system called Shelfie.

Mr Kean and Manly MP James Griffin were shown other designs by the group, including their 360 Degrees virtual reality glasses, touted by Lakeba for use for everything from fun to work safety training.

“Technology is revolutionising our economy, as we transition from the mining investment boom, as our commodity prices decrease we need to find new ways to grow our economy, to create jobs and increase our living standards, that is the opportunity technology is bringing,” Mr Kean said.

“Manly is so well placed to take advantage of the tech revolution that is coming, it is one of the most liveable parts of Australia, it has got some of the smartest people, it is known for that entrepreneurial spirit, we have seen that here today, people turning their ideas into businesses that employ people, create growth and jobs in our economy.”

Mr Kean added that Manly was “at the cutting edge” of technology.

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