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Intersection improvements

Intersection Improvements

Member for Hornsby Matt Kean MP is pleased to announced $1.5 million will be invested in upgrading the intersection of The Esplanade, Duffy Avenue and Chilvers Road.

“The community has wanted to see changes to this intersection for a long time and we are finally seeing some action to improve safety and traffic flow through the area,” Mr Kean said.

The funding which will be directed to Hornsby Council to complete the work which will see it change from the two T junctions to a four way junction.

“The planned works will make the intersection less confusing and improve the safety for all motorists and pedestrian who use this intersection every day,” Mr Kean said.

“This is a large project which will take time to complete but we are already seeing the first steps to improve safety with the reduction of the speed limit to start January 31st.” he said.

There has been a reduction in the speed limit from 60kph to 50kph along The Esplanade, Duffy Avenue and Chilvers Road.

“The speed limit changes are going to provide a consistent speed limit and improve road safety to the residents and all road users in this area,” Mr Kean said.

“This is about listening to the community and I am proud to have secured this funding for the local community,” he said.

The work will also include improved pedestrian facilities and the installation of new traffic lights.

Article appeared in The Monthly Chronicle