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Viagogo again tops fair trading complaints register


Online ticket reseller Viagogo has topped NSW Fair Trading’s Complaints Register for the second month in a row, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean announced today.

Mr Kean said NSW Fair Trading had 59 complaints about Viagogo in August, the highest number received about any trader in a single month since the register began more than 12 months ago.

“We’ve had 36 new complaints about this Geneva-based outfit in September alone, and once again it’s topped the Complaints Register,” he said.

Mr Kean issued a public warning about Viagogo in August, after numerous complaints relating to delayed delivery, event cancellations, heavily marked-up prices, hidden fees, and failure to provide refunds.

“I won’t tolerate this kind of shonky behaviour, and as the register clearly shows, NSW consumers have had a gutful as well,” he said.

“I will always put consumers first in this state by warning them about dodgy traders, and bringing in new legislation that ensures they’re getting a fair go in the marketplace.

“Just last week, NSW Parliament passed laws to stop event tickets being bought up in mass quantities by ‘bots’ and sold at hugely inflated prices on the secondary market.”

A newcomer to the September Complaints Register – Sydney car dealer Clayton Bespoke Pty Ltd – was also the subject of a recent public warning issued by Mr Kean.

“This business had been selling luxury vehicles on consignment, with many owners claiming that they had not received payment, or if they did, the cheque bounced,” he said.

Mr Kean said 14 consumers complained about Clayton Bespoke Pty Ltd last month, while another newcomer – Chloe’s Chaotic Creations – attracted 18 complaints.

“The Complaints Register gives invaluable information to consumers so they know if traders have had 10 or more complaints in a calendar month,” he said.

“We’re putting consumers first, and empowering them so they can make the most informed choice about where to take their business.”

A total of 19 businesses featured in the latest Register, receiving 294 complaints between them. For more information, go to