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Transport Sector Puts Brakes on Injuries


Reducing serious injuries and fatalities in the transport industry is at the heart of a significant new strategy launched by the state Government today.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said the road freight transport sector was vital for NSW and Australia, contributing an estimated $41.5 billion a year to the economy.

“This industry is a crucial part of our State, not only for the almost 160,000 road freight workers it employs, but also because it keeps NSW moving,” Mr Kean said.

“Our Coalition Government has met and exceeded the national targets for reducing both workplace-related deaths by 20 per cent and injuries by 30 per cent.

“Sadly though, we still see more than 6,400 claims for workplace injuries in the transport sector each year and that’s simply not good enough. That’s why we’ve designed the Transport Work Health and Safety Sector Plan – to help the people who keep our State moving, return home from work every day without injuries.”

Mr Kean said hazardous manual tasks accounted for more than 40 per cent of all claims, followed by falls, being hit by objects or vehicle accidents.

“Despite an overall reduction in major claims for injuries in recent years, serious injuries and fatalities continue to occur,” Mr Kean said.

“Those incidents aren’t just on the road, they also happen when vehicles are being loaded and during routine maintenance.

The Transport Work Health and Safety Sector Plan will:

  • Improve standards for working from the ground when loading and unloading vehicles;
  • Ensure businesses develop a traffic management plan; and
  • Promote the principles of ‘three points of contact’ when getting in and out of vehicles.

“I want to say - this isn’t just about physical health. We know mental health is increasingly important, and that’s why another priority in our plan is creating mentally healthy workplaces,” Mr Kean said.

A mental and physical health awareness and compliance program will be implemented as part of the plan, with inspectors visiting workplaces across NSW.                                                                                                               

Further information on the Transport Work Health and Safety Sector Plan is available from