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NSW Students return to face to face teaching May 11th

NSW Schools Update

What will term 2 look like?
Term 2 will begin as it finished in Term 1. The majority of NSW students will be learning from home.
From week three of Term 2, we will begin a staged return to school. This will start with at least one day of face to face learning a week, with the aim of having around 25% of students on campus.

What is the new model?
The model is a staged return to on campus learning for students in NSW government schools. By providing the model now, schools can plan for the rest of the term -
providing clarity for staff, students and parents. This model of gradual return to the school site will be underpinned by the continued delivery of a single unit of work so that students receive curriculum continuity at all times whether they are at school or learning from home.

Will students be able to go to school every day in any stage of the model if they need to?
Regardless of the stage of the model we are at, no student will be turned away from school if they show up.

How will schools maintain social distancing while students are at school?
Reducing the number of students attending each day allows teachers to maintain small class sizes, with staggered start and finish times, and recess times throughout the day.

What about recess and lunch?
Recess and lunch times can be staggered – with students taking recess and lunch at different times. Playground equipment will be sanitised and cleaned after each break – and where this is not possible, it will be closed until social distancing measures are relaxed. All non-essential activities have been temporarily ceased. This includes all
community use activities, assemblies, meetings, excursions etc.

Will staffrooms be open?
School staff are also being advised to avoiding congregating in staffrooms and other areas of the school.

Will school drop off and pickup be staggered?
Yes, schools will work through exact timings. We ask all parents to stay in their cars and not congregate at the school gates. If you need to speak with your school please use email or phone contacts.