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NSW’S most vulnerable workers given more support


The State’s most at-risk workers are the focus of a new strategy launched today by the NSW Government.

Young, migrant, culturally and linguistically diverse, and labour hire workers will be at the center of a five-year project led by SafeWork NSW.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said this strategy was another example of the Liberal National Government putting worker safety first.

“Everyone with a job in this State has the right to a safe and healthy workplace, regardless of your age, background, occupation or industry,” Mr Kean said.

There are many reasons this group is at-risk, including language barriers, a lack of experience and training, fear to report safety issues, and limited knowledge of work health and safety.

Mr Kean said SafeWork would deliver targeted programs and provide a range of materials to help employees and businesses find solutions to safety challenges.

“To combat the language barrier for migrants, we are also delivering translated podcasts, toolkits and other information so our culturally diverse workers aren’t left behind,” Mr Kean said.

“Some businesses do not feel equipped to manage work health and safety, and some workers are afraid to speak up due to a fear of losing their job or visa.

“We acknowledge that creating a safe workplace is no small feat. That’s why SafeWork is taking every step possible to help these vulnerable workers thrive.

“There have been improvements to the rate of injury and death in NSW workplaces under this government, but more needs to be done, and that’s exactly why we’ve launched this program today.”

These groups are commonly employed in the construction, agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, health and social assistance sectors.

For more information, and to read the At Risk Workers’ Strategy 2018-2022, visit