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Hornsby MP Matt Kean hosts former Prime Minister John Howard at Hornsby RSL

Photo of Matt Kean and John Howard

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard visited Hornsby RSL on Monday to launch his new book and support Hornsby State Liberal MP Matt Kean's re-election campaign.


Mr Howard spoke to a crowd of 400 in the RSL's auditorium and was at his enigmatic best and he shared his views on his new book titled "The Menzies Era" written about Liberal Party founder and former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies.

Speaking candidly to the crowd, Mr Howard took questions from the floor on Menzies role in ending the White Australia policy, engaging with Asia to strengthen economic ties, and discussing Menzies world-renowned leadership skills to become Australia's longest ever serving Prime Minister.

Mr Howard said that Australia is a better place today for the valuable role Menzies served in Government for standing up for middle-income families and driving down unemployment.

Hornsby MP Matt Kean thanked Mr Howard for his time and heaped praise on the former leader saying Mr Howard was a strong influential leader who will be remembered generations into the future.

"I am honoured to have Mr Howard choose Hornsby to launch his new book," Mr Kean said.

"Former Prime Minister John Howard was a much loved leader and will be fondly remembered for his tax reform (including the GST), much-needed gun reform and strong economic policies which led to Australia's longest expansion of the national economy.

After speeches were concluded Mr Howard kindly agreed to sit down for book signings and photographs which went for well over 2 hours.