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Extra funding takes NSW Farmer safety to the skies


High-tech drones will soon be zooming across properties in regional NSW, helping farmers to do their work safer and better thanks to new funding from the Liberals & Nationals Government.


Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said a drone rebate would be offered as part of an extra $2.8 million dollars in funding that will also extend the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program.


“This is a significant funding extension and I’m proud to say it’ll take the Liberals & Nationals Government’s investment in the program to $7.2 million since 2016,” Mr Kean said.


“This funding is critical for our farmers because quad bikes are still the biggest killer on Australian farms, with 128 people killed since 2011, including 32 in NSW.”


“Part of the new funding will go towards $500 rebates for farmers who wish to buy drones.


“We’ve been working with the industry to find alternatives to quad bikes, and using drones means farmers can inspect their properties quicker and without the risk of injury that could come through a quad bike accident.


“This is great news for our farmers because a camera-equipped drone can be used to check fences, dams, stock, silo inspections, weed control and mustering.”


Since SafeWork’s Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program was introduced, more than 3,000 farmers have accessed it, and about 250 training events have been held around NSW.


The existing program offers two rebates worth up to $1,000 each to replace an existing quad bike, or have it fitted with safety equipment like roll bars, as well as a free helmet and training.


“The good news is we are making a difference with this program – fatalities and incidents are trending downwards. One quad bike death or injury on NSW farms is one too many, and these additional funds will continue to help us improve safety,” Mr Kean said.


Farmers can apply for the existing quad bike rebates on the SafeWork website, and the new $500 drone rebate will be available from the end of this month. For more information visit or call 13 10 50.