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Do not deal with Peter Todd Hynes and Captain Trade Group


Consumers are being warned not to deal with Peter Todd Hynes and Captain Trade Group Pty Ltd, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said today.

Mr Kean said Hynes, previously known as Peter Garay, is an unlicensed trader who was previously convicted, and jailed, for home building offences.

“I’m appalled to hear this trader is out targeting consumers again, especially given his track record,” Mr Kean said.

“I am issuing a firm warning to all consumers: do not engage with Hynes, or Captain Trade Group, and report any issues with this trader to NSW Fair Trading.”

Hynes, 48, first came to Fair Trading’s attention in 2003, after dozens of consumer complaints about incomplete or unsatisfactory residential building work, including: landscaping, driveways, fencing and retaining walls.

“Hynes has never held a contactor licence, so I’m frustrated to hear that he is up to his old tricks again,” Mr Kean said.

As Mr Hynes does not hold a licence, his victims are unable to claim from the Home Building Insurance Fund, leaving them with no protection or recourse when the work is abandoned.

Previous complaints indicate that Hynes requests a significant cash sum as a deposit and, once payment is received, he promptly abandons the work, leaving consumers high and dry.  

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